Commercial Television Production

Write. Produce. Direct. Edit. From the early nineties to this day, Video DNA has produced thousands of broadcast commercials running in local markets across the country.

Century 3 Kia - John Daly XMAS

Flew to Arkansa to produce a series of commercials with golfer, John Daly.

Century 3 Chevy - End of Summer Trax/Equinox

Another Pittsburgh area dealer. Produced hundreds and hundreds of spots for them.

Corkys Pest Control - Full Sing Of Services

We produce many a spot for Corky working with their in-house media manager.

Corkys Pest Control - PU-PER-TY

You’ll get a laugh out of this one…

Century 3 Kia - Xmas in July Sportage/Optima

Shot in our Video DNA studio. The presenter is a local San Diego talent… everyone thought she was the dealership owner’s daughter!

Westside Chevy - Fun With Hats

Westside Chevrolet is in Kate, Texas… in the Houston area.