Multi-Camera Streaming

We have everything you need to create a live production. Now with podcasting and streaming, this affords you the opportunity to take it all to the next level.

How We See It 3 with JT, CJ and BE

Entertainment, sports, politics, out three hosts discuss the events of the week from an everyday person point of view.

Chef Roc and CJ on ESPN Radio

Multi-camera streaming to Facebook Live. This weekly show talked sports and cooking… yes cooking. Chef Roc would prepare a dish, talking his way through it for the live home audience.

Quick Tap Rugby Outliers Podcast - Episode 08

Sports talk. Rugby talk. Raising money for SD Food Bank. Just another “shelter in place” Zoom day for QTROP.

SD Media Pros - Best practices and pro ZOOM tips

Riding the ZOOM wave with in-depth tips and tricks for how to create a professional look.

July 2020 SDMedia Pros: On the Road with Jeffrey Lehmann, Thriving in the Era of Coronavirus

Long time SDMP member and prolific producer and host, Jeffrey Lehmann shares the ins and outs of international production. Jeffrey is highly motivated and motivation during this constrained production time. Watch to best appreciate the work, and fantastic productions, he continues to produce.